APBC 2018
The Sixteenth Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference

Yokohama, Japan, 15-17 January 2018


Best Paper Award

  • [Paper 89] RaptorX-Angle: real-value and confidence prediction of protein backbone dihedral angles through a hybrid method of clustering and deep learning, Yujuan Gao, Sheng Wang, Minghua Deng and Jinbo Xu

Best Student Paper Award

  • [Paper 65] Computing the Diameter of the Space of Maximum Parsimony Reconciliations in the Duplication-Transfer-Loss Model, Jordan Haack, Eli Zupke, Andrew Ramirez, Yi‐Chieh Wu and Ran Libeskind‐Hadas

Best Poster Award

  • [A6] ASSA-PBN: A Toolbox for Probabilistic Boolean Networks, Andrzej Mizera, Jun Pang and Qixia Yuan
  • [B21] Defective Electron Transport Chain Complex in Aneuploidy Cells - Exploring Mitochondrial Functions with RNA-seq Data Using the MitoXplorer web-platform, Annie Yim, Prasanna Koti, Milena Duerrbaum,Salma Gamal, Cecilia Garcia-Perez, Fabiana
  • [B32] Links between Chromosomal Rearrangements and Chromatin Structure, Krister Swenson, Sylvain Pulicani, Pijus Simonaitis and Mathieu Blanchette